Saturday, February 7, 2015


Rallies are what the Northeast Explorers is all about. Rallies are an opportunity for members to get together with old friends and to make new ones. Our goal is to hold several rallies each year between May and October. A number of our members are not yet retired, so we try to schedule our rallies on weekends. But they may include additional days on either end.

During our rallies the meals vary but are mostly prepared by our members. We also have potluck dinners and do occasionally take advantage of local restaurants. When we can in the evening we enjoy gathering around a campfire. Our rally hosts try to make sure there are activities to do and places to visit.

Some examples of our recent past rallies have been: Aces High RV Park in Mystic, Conn., Red Apple Campground in Kennebuckport, Maine, WaWaloam Campground in Richmond, Rhode Island and Hide-A-Way Campsites near Howes Caves, New York

Occasionally rally hosts plan seminars to enlighten and educate us on our coaches. They are always a wonderful opportunity to share ideas with others. We hope you will consider joining, and become a part of our growing motorcoach family.

If you have any questions about membership please email Rich Grega at